Mid Century Azilal Carpet

Mid Century Azilal Carpet


This exceptional large vintage rug from the mountains of the Azilal region (in the Moroccan region of Béni Mellal-Khénifra) has a gorgeous ordered yet organic motif structure woven in a unique soft and subtle colour story that is unusual for the Azilal who tended to favour cream and fawn hues. Most likely woven as a sleeping rug the brick and square symbols are combined to create a grid within which the creator has woven cross and lozenge motifs. Perhaps a classic Berber story of female symbols placed within angular and protective male motifs. Knotted in a painterly palette of deep warm salmon pink, faded red, and charcoal gentle sawtooth selvedges, 100% fine wool on a cotton base. With visible restoration on the corners

Size: 3.25m by 1.76m

Reference: CA9053

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