why buy your rug from us?

Our passion is for old and genuinely artistic Berber rugs woven by women for their own use. We started Maroc Tribal 15 years ago and specialise in careful personal sourcing of authentic vintage Moroccan rugs, tent cushions, kilim rugs and tribal textiles from remote rural areas. We are a Berber-English husband and wife team and as a company our heart lays deeps in Berber Morocco and with the communities who so generously sell us their treasured family rugs

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Mo grew up in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco and speaks Arabic and the ancient Berber language. He travels into the cold mountains in the North, out onto the warm plains in the South, and up into the Atlas foothills to find rare and unusual rugs. We have a devotion to authentic detail and we buy direct from Berber families and in rural village markets. We are transparent and trustworthy and we get the old pieces others simply can't find

15 year’s experience, 30 field expeditions, over 1000 rugs sold, 100s of clients worldwide. We ship worldwide from our base in the UK. We accept all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express and you can also pay using PayPal
Maroc Tribal  Berber Rugs

Mo knows these rugs very well from many years of personal experience, and we only offer original and authentic pieces. He keeps clear of the dealers and re-sellers of Marrakesh, Fez, Essaouira and other commercial tourist souks where new pieces are often sold as old and the term 'vintage' is loosely bandied about

Love my runner ! It’s super quality and just the most beautiful colours

Authentic Berber rugs are not easy to find, and it may be hard for you to know whether a piece is old or genuine. Our rugs have our personal guarantee of origin. We will give you the advantage of our deep and many years of experience. We sell online, and don't maintain a showroom so we can offer you the very best value for the most gorgeous eclectic mix of rugs and textiles

original Moroccan Berber rugs

Original Berber carpets are more rare than they have ever been, since there is only a limited supply. The market is flooded with copies which are marketed as vintage. Women receive little, making these copies in cooperatives and working to standard designs. Unlike these places, we put our money in the hands of the women weavers or their families

The beautiful rug arrived and we love it. It just has a sweetness and the colors are bright and happy, yet still subtle. I love the delicate quality that it has, and yet it doesn’t feel like you can’t walk across it
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Our older carpets have a soft, supple texture and patina and interesting, complex and fascinating designs. They are full of life and charm. They are individual and draw on the weaver's own life, and use motifs that maybe lost to some of today’s weavers. Designs include motifs relating to fertility, childbirth and the female form, characters from the ancient Berber alphabet and fine geometric patterns. Wear speaks of a past life


Your rug will have the creativity and originality of a piece created with skill and care for personal use, combining the needs of practical use with the archaic spirit of true tribal art. Architects and designers such as Alvar Aalto, Frank Lloyd Wright, Courbusier, Ray and Charles Eames and others famously used Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpets to contrast with and complement the clean lines of 20th century interiors

Irregularities are common and unmatched patterns were often created on purpose. Graphic symbols and a sumptuous earthy aura mark out our Moroccan carpets

I am already the happy owner of one of your beautiful beni ouarain rugs. I am now looking for a small one for my bedroom