A Maroc Tribal Beni Ourain carpet, photo by kelly-ishikawa                                                                              

Maroc Tribal offers chic mid-century Moroccan Berber rugs, vintage Beni Ourain  carpets, boucherouite rugs, hand woven  textiles, cushions and vintage kilims. We travel deep into Morocco to hand pick cool carpets that are rare and original. Over the last decade we've built a reputation for gorgeous tribal pieces that were woven with skill and care, for the weaver's own use. You will be able to buy the loveliest vintage carpets from us, and enjoy the spirit of Berber tribal art with its minimalist and abstract design notes. We are passionate about making sure you find a something gorgeous, bought by us from Berber villages and families. Shipping worldwide, with full return if it's not perfect for you

Beni Ouarain Carpet
Vintage Moroccan Tribal Rug