1957 Beni Ouarain Carpet

1957 Beni Ouarain Carpet


A beautiful original old Beni Ouarain carpet with the wear and patina of a genuine mid century piece. And while dates are often woven into new rugs that are then passed off as vintage, in this case the 1957 is authentic (one reason that date were not commonly put in carpets is that in the past Berber tribes were isolated from life that required formality of dating and also that illiteracy rates were quite high in rural communities). The fine Berber knotted pile is worn low with age, and the complex graphic motifs are now softened by sun and colour fading. The subtle pink has bled and run into the dark cream wool while the lovely soft charcoal brown has remained pretty static, and there are various other marks in this fine old piece. With no significant restoration this gorgeous old carpet has fringes that were added at a later date

Size: 3.38m plus two fringes by 1.90m

Reference: CA20092

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