Azilal Rug sold

Azilal Rug sold


A gorgeously vibrant, soft and silky rug from the southern reaches of Morocco. A central composition of large hatched diamonds creates the focus for the design, whilst the pallet of bold tangerine, clear pastel lilac, soft pastel pink and spring green lift the rug into the realm true utilitarian art. The photo does not quite do justice to the delicate pink, dove gray and lavender hues. The strong 'masculine; lines of the border design complement the 'female' motifs of the central composition. From around about the 1980s, it's in lovely vintage condition, with some areas of wear and some visible restoration at the ends. Woven in cotton on a base of recycled textiles

Size : 2.06m plus fringe by 1.07m

Reference : CA801/1

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