Chiadma Carpet SOLD

Chiadma Carpet SOLD


This complex yet refined mid-century carpet has a seemingly free asymmetrical design based on the careful interplay between two different Berber symbols – the open lozenge motif and a more 'masculine' square or rectangular based composition. The soft colour palette has a time faded patina, and the good quality wool pile is now low. The hues include peach, soft light tangerine, sage green, chocolate brown, faded mauve, and rosy red. The classic saw tooth selvedges run down each side, and each end is finished with area of flat weave in soft pastel colours (curled up at the corners). With areas of visible restoration, and nibbling at the ends, this carpet is in nice condition for its age

Size : 4.28m by 1.73m

Reference : 129/1

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