Original Zaiane Carpet SOLD

Original Zaiane Carpet SOLD


The Zaiane Berber tribal weavers are from the central Middle Atlas mountains and although this region is a 'hot spot' for rug production, Zaiane pieces are distinctive and have a design all of their own. Woven on a black wool base this original vintage carpet is created with finely structured diamond symbols, each also filled with surrounded by skillfully woven symbols. Interestingly the weaver has placed two distinct diamond motif, not found elsewhere on the carpet, just off centre - her personal touch that naturally breaks the strong symmetry of the piece.  Keynote colours are blood red, tangerine and cream with touches of deep navy blue. In nice condition, the carpet has low-sh pile , and one area of visible restoration

Size : 3.74m plus fringe by 2.00m

Reference : CA644

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